CREEP. - spooky covers. and I know it’s true, that visions are seldom all they seem.

stand by me (ben e. king cover) - mona
everybody wants to rule the world (tears for fears cover) - lorde
devil town (daniel johnston cover) - bright eyes
all along the watchtower (bob dylan cover) - bear mccreary
bad moon rising (creedence clearwater revival cover) - mourning ritual
imagine (beatles cover) - a perfect circle
creep (radiohead cover) - scala & kolancy brothers
love is blindness (u2 cover) - jack white
once upon a dream (disney cover) - lana del rey
all you need is love (beatles cover) - the flaming lips
anyone’s ghost (the national cover) - silver swans
the man who sold the world (david bowie cover) - nirvana
feeling good (nina simone cover) - muse
hurt (nine inch nails cover) - johnny cash

"The biggest thing I worried about was making shitty fucking movies. I don’t want to make shitty movies and be contractually obligated to make garbage. And then be like, “This is why you should see a piece of shit!”"

Chris Evans (via kyssthis16)

My shipper choices are so limited. Non of my OTPs are together. 

No Bamon for five years!

No Bonnie /Klaus!

No Klaus/Cami!

Samcedes just came back so I guess…

No Don/ Peggy!

I haven’t have a profound Sherlock/Joan moment in a while.

My only saving grace is John/Astrid. I have photographic proof that that’s coming and it makes my heart swell.

I legit want to cry. 

I didn’t think I would have to work for this fuckin’ paring too. I don’t want a triangle damnit! Save that shit for TVD. Just give me my Cami/Klaus. 

Also, an A+ for incorporating the fact that the Other side is crumbling and it’s manifesting in their world.

Look at all these indignant stranger folk up in the Phoebe Tonkin like the anti- tags didn’t exist until now. 



i’m not trying to make any comparisons but the anti tags for poc entertainers/well known ppl are horrible so i mean„„ Yea, Expecially if the person is black and when ppl point these things out we are told to ignore it but now ppl want to start crying and stuff when its them… *shrugs*

If what people say on Tumblr is what does you in for the day then…you must lead a very charmed life.

Marcel’s sexy is hella strong in this episode. Like damn boy calm it down a little bit. 

The Originals is very choppy tonight. And way too much Hayley. 


Power Rangers Super Megaforce premieres Saturday, Feb. 15th at 12/11c on Nickelodeon!

Get ready for the Legend War!

Former cast members confirmed to appear:

  • Jason Faunt - Wes/Red Time Force Ranger
  • Jason David Frank - Tommy/Green Ranger
  • Danny Slavin - Leo/Galaxy Red
  • Melody Perkins - Karone/Galaxy Pink II
  • Reggie Rolle - Damon/Galaxy Green
  • Selwyn Ward - T.J./Blue Space Ranger
  • Sean Cw Johnson - Carter/Red Lightspeed Ranger
  • Hector David Jr - Mike/Green Samurai Ranger
  • Brittany Pirtle - Emily/Yellow Samurai Ranger
  • Alison MacInnis - Dana/Pink Lightspeed Rescue Ranger
  • Patricia Ja Lee - Cassie/Pink Space Ranger