im ok w spending $40 on food but wont buy a $40 shirt


how does it feel to know that bamon didn’t happen earlier because it would have blown your ship out of the water to the point where there would have been no triangle? like does you hate it as much as i love it? bamon was literally too hot for the cw… but they ready now.



but do you realize how long ian’s been waiting not only for bamon but to TALK about bamon

cuz before well he brought it up and was psyched when smb asked about it but he couldn’t legit rant about it like a shipper bc there were yet no plans to bring bonnie and damon together

but now that it’s finally happening, all those years of pent-up frustration are showing like he aint stopping for no bitch he is reading straight from the shipper’s guidebook without giving a single solitary fuck; all the tropes are there, from profound connection & thin line between love and hate to damon’s bed & witch babies. i’m waiting for him to outline the perfect bamon wedding he’s always had in mind he probably keeps a scrapbook under his pillow

basically, what i’m saying is ian somerhalder is talking about bamon the way a mormon talks about jesus christ


To be very honest, maybe just maybe Ian and Kat are so close because Kat is the one Ian turned to during his break up and they've just bonded ever since.



Ooooooh I could definitely see that. Awww.

Would it be disrespectful to say headcanon accepted? Because


I accept this canon too because to me they weren’t this close particular until after he and Nina broke up. I think they were friends but he wasn’t touching on her and kissing on her and just going all out the way he is now.

Scott McCall is a gift, bitches. 

Just in terms of a character, I love him. It’s just so hard to write a character like him. He’s the heart of the show; the hero. So he has to possess those characteristics associated with that type while also appealing to those faults and flaws that make us human and relatable.

No one wants to watch a character who’s perfect at everything and always does the right thing. Scotts messes up, but he always tries to do better or make it right. He cares about people which explains why people are quick to rally for him and protect him. He stands up when standing ain’t easy and it’s so hard to find that balance with a show’s protagonist.

I also think my love for Scott also has a lot to do with how Posey portrays him. Just like his counterpart, he cares about people. Very humble, very warm. He’ll give the spotlight to someone else before putting it on himself and he’ll do it with a smile on his face and no malice in his heart.

Scott McCall is one thing that Teen Wolf got right imo.



Lydia needs to stop treating Meredith like shit tbh.

They all need to leave her alone. She doesn’t owe them anything.

Yes! For someone talking about being disconnected and feeling like a crazy person because there are voices in her head just last week, she is surprisingly unsympathetic and it just makes her look like a bitch tbh.