It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally here and I think I could actually cry about it. 

It’s not just the fact that Bonnie and Damon could be happening romantically but just look how long it took for Kat to be brought up there with the Big Three. I’m just so  proud.


I hope this ‘different side of Bonnie and Elena’ is Elena saying “help me” and Bonnie saying “fuck you”


I’m just gonna say it… 

Y’all are really doing the most with this whole Bamon Vs Donnie thing. I mean really? This is what you want to argue about? Why can’t you stroll pass the two book fanart pics that manage to make their way into the Bamon tag from time to time? You’re so offended that you’re issuing a decree that people who ship book!Bamon (and even when there were only books, the name has always been Bamon as far as I know) MUST tag their post as Donnie…Really? Y’all being real extra right now. I know why you’re upset because you believe it runs deeper than a name and you could very well be right.  But there is no mistaking the fact that there is a white, red-haired Bonnie McCullough and a black eyed Damon Salvatore that are just as much a part of tvd fandom and the reason we ship it as Bonnie Bennett and a blue eyed, Damon Salvatore. 



all the 20+ year olds watching girl meets world and not knowing how to feel about peyton meyer because he’s attractive but he’s also 16


Why do you say Caroline's story-line revolves around men? I don't think that's completely true.



Executive producer Julie Plec says “Yes, Caroline’s romance with Stefan will become a major part of her season 6 storyline” 


No offense, but I swear, if the producers substituted Caroline with a blowup doll, there would be no difference. Sorry, not sorry!

I got so many videos in the pipeline. I start them and then forget. 

Currently there is:

Cami & Klaus- Explosions- so excited for this one.

Bonnie & Damon- This one is actually completed. I just needed to do overlays but every time I try to get it done, I get bored and close it. It will be posted before the premier for sure.

Klaus & Bonnie- 2 videos for them. One I just started the beginning of this week and one I started on a while ago but it’s to Florence + the Machine so I need a minute lol.

I was hoping to get at least 2 posted before my top 5 bonnie ship vid expires but that’s not gonna happen. My priority right now is the Klaus and Cami one just because it’s something different for me and I love them.



Klonnie Appreciation Week -  [Oct 14th- Oct 20th]

[DAY 1] -Dark!Klonnie  | Klonnie being their usual badass selves and painting Mystic Falls red.

[DAY 2] -Species Swap | Bonnie’s the Original Hybrid and Klaus is the Warlock? Or any other supernatural species? One can even remain how they are and you can just change what the other is.
[DAY 3] -Season Redo | Do you wish that it was Bonnie who caught Klaus’ eye in season 3 and 4? Do you wish Bonnie was going to New Orleans with Klaus? Or does she go there and meet him by chance.

[DAY 4] -Body Swap | A spell gone wrong? Klaus and Bonnie have to walk a mile in the other’s shoes? Or maybe a gender swap and Bonnie is a male and Klaus a female.

[DAY 5] -Mythology | Have a favorite myth or god(s) that you see a bit of Klonnie in?

[DAY 6] -Fairy Tale | Klonnie as the characters in your favorite fairy tale

[DAY 7] -Historic | Bonnie being sent back to when the Originals’ were human? Or maybe the 20s? Klonnie in any time period.

Organized by Torilee [x].

can we redo this for this coming october????

I’m always down for a Klonnie week but I really dropped the ball on the last one I hosted due to personal drama. I don’t want to commit to playing host and fall short again. Plus, since I have 2 jobs it doesn’t leave a lot of playtime. But I will try my hardest to participate if anyone is up to another Klonnie week.


The man wasn’t good. He was great." - Happy Birthday Paul Walker (September 12, 1973). 

Top 5 Bonnie Bennett Ships 

Only 2 DAYS LEFT!!